"Chang Tractor" - High speed performance with efficient and effective collecting of sugarcane shoots, with unbeatable experience and expertise in agricultural harvesting machines”

high productivity, easily attach to all types of tractors, a superb machine

“Chang Tractor” is your solution.

that solves every problem that sugarcane growers’ needs, and most importantly at an affordable price,

Sugarcane Leaf Cutter and Sugarcane Loader with high speed performance,

If you are looking for an easy-to-use Sugarcane Harvester,

Sugarcane Harvester - F16 
One of our sugarcane harvester’s
major strengths is neatly stacking.
“Chang Tractor” F Series Sugarcane Harvester
is twice productive compared to the previous model!!
1 stack provides 300-500 kgs. of sugarcane shoots
with capability to cut 100-200 tons of ugarcane shoots per day.
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We have Brand-New Innovative Products for Sugarcane Harvester that gives best feedback in Thailand with patented machine.
We are looking for local authorized distributor in your country.If you prefer to be our partner , please keep in touch at Global Business Team,

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"Our Chang Tractor's Sugarcane Harvester with stacking shoot system has been very popular, Guaranteed by quality and best selling in Thailand and abroad."

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With countless competitive advantages of “Chang Tractor” sugarcane harvester, we are widely and rapidly recognized by sugarcane growers. We are trusted and have been long-term partners with Thailand’s well-known sugar producers. Presently, “Chang Tractor” has become the best-selling products, guaranteed by numerous users both locally and internationally.